How to get a job as an Editor

That's great you want to get into Post Production and specifically Trailers. Although the demands of the job can be taxing on you and your relationships; creatively frustrating as you cope with crazy clients; and physically exhausting as you're working late nights, again, and again, and again... It can also be the best job in the world.

Where else can you get paid to watch movies!  The huge Blockbuster movies everyone is talking about way before they come out.  Where else can you creatively express yourself by making mini movies, shot by the best cinematographers in the world. And the pay!  Forget about it!  You'll be shocked that you're getting paid at all... And the amount!  Will floor you!

But how do you get your foot in the door?  How do you get a job as a P.A. (production assistant), assistant editor and even an editor?  You have no contacts?  You have no experience? You only edited stuff for YouTube, if anything at all?

No problem.

Although all these things help. They are not deal breakers. Your Dad doesn't have to be an editor, your Uncle doesn't have to be a head of a studio and you don't need all the latest editing software in your Mac, that you don't even own! 

You just need 2 things which you already have. 

The first thing is enthusiasm.  You need to love this stuff. You need to watch trailers. Love movies and love going to the movies, but love going for the trailers. You need to love music and love to place songs that you would like to see in trailers.  You need to be watching this stuff all the time and wanting to learn how to do it. 

The second thing is you need is to be cheap. What I mean by that is you need to have a growth/ learning mindset.  You need to be willing to do these jobs for the opportunity to learn instead of a paycheck.  Yes you need to eat. Yes you need a place to live. Yes you need health care. But your focus should be on learning and editing. Not getting paid vast amounts of money. 

But if your here, on this website, reading this, I'm sure you already have those things. 

Now let's put it together. Let's combine these 2  strategies and get your foot in the door at a Trailer Vendor. 

One way is to write a letter to the owner, and the other is to edit and post stuff on YouTube. 

Write a Letter to the Owner - there are things to notice here that'll make a huge difference. 

First is "letter".  Your a going to write a letter.  This is not a cover letter. Cover letters are formal and business like. There's no personality, no passion, no euthsiaism.  Think of it as if your writing letters to your favorite Uncle or older cool older cousin.

You will be polite. You will not use slang or bad words. And you'll display the ultimate respect.  But you will also show case that love, knowledge, and joy you get from trailers. And that can only be accomplished from showing a bit of you. Not the business side but showing some creativity. Showing that other side of you.   

Second thing this letter must do, is you have to address the owner. Why? Bec only the owner will respect and honor that love, passion and enthusiasm. And if you combine that with "being cheap" then you have a deadly combo.  Owners of businesses love a passionate, motivated, and, of course, cheap labor force.

The key is you don't say you're cheap. But you phrase it as "you're looking anyway to learn" or "love to opportunity to see first hand how trailers are made" or "you would do what it takes to prove yourself".  All are powerful phases that tells the owner, you want to be there and you can handle whatever they dish out.

The other way to show your enthusiasm and do it cheaply is post trailers, trailer mashups online and/or videos online. This is a great way to show case your skills and talents. The goal here is to have enough likes so that the Venders notice you and see you're ready.  Although, I know a few people who have been found online and been brought in to work at a Vendor from their YouTube Videos, it is very rare.

But for those super ambitious go getters you can do both. 

The great thing is in entertainment marketing, you don't need a certain degree or a certain amount of years in training.  You just need to be good.  So go out there. Write letters. Cut stuff and post it online.  Be good. Then be great. Don't de discouraged. Learn. Grow. And we'll see your Trailer at the movie theater in no time!