Be Reckless

"Better to be reckless than careful. 

Better to be bold then safe. 

Better to have your work seen and remembered or you've struck out." 

George Lois, Damn Good Advice

What do you do when your put on an assignment and direction that is given is a suicide mission. It's guaranteed to fail. 

Maybe it's a comedy spot and isn't funny. Or idea that's been done over and over again. 

Ideally, if you have time you make 2 spots. One following the creative direction and the other following your gut. This way your covered.  

But what if you don't have time.  What do you do then. 

As an editor, your job is to make cool s#!t.  If a Police Officers job is to keep people safe. Your job is to make mind blowing cuts. 

When you don't have time to do 2 cuts then always go with the idea that'll make you stand out. Make you push the art. Make people say "that's cool".

A great execution of a misguided idea is at best mediocre. But a great execution of a great idea will make you a genius. 

At least you'll make your real better. When someone is looking at the suicide mission, you won't be there all the time to say how the Creative Director was an idiot!

Don't add to medicrocy. 

Be bold. Trust yourself. Be memorable. Create Art.