When Stuck...Steal.

The assignment has been given.  Direction said.  Script laid out before you.  Then what....

My first rule is to get to work.  Trust yourself.  Just start adding to the timeline.  Don't wait for the "muse", inspiration or something to hit you.  Definitely don't just stare at the time line.  Trust yourself and just go for it.

But trust, especially in yourself, takes time.  And when your starting out and you have producers pacing outside your door that's one thing you don't have.

And when clients and creative directors starts circling like a bunch of vultures...self doubt creeps in, as well as panic and stage fright.  

When you're at this level of anxiety and pressure, you need to start taking steps in the right direction.  Which way and how come in the form of copying.  

It's as plain and simple as just see what's been done before and and try to do the same for your piece.

This may go against your morals as an artist.  It may go against your principles as a creator.  You probably think it's bad artistic karma.  But the truth is all artist copy.  Pablo Picasso said it best "Bad artist steal.  Good artist copy".


But they don't actually steal.  They just build off of one another.  


Look at Kawa.  Or Andy Warhol.  They made a career out of building what's been done before them.


Outside of that, you need to get through this one assignment and get on to the next one.  You need survive so you can earn the trust and get another one.  Ideally, a knockout punch or home run will definitely come in handy at this point.  But if your starting out.  And struggling.  A base hit will do just great.


There are long term strategies to handle this.  But for now.  Go basic.  


See what's been done before you and copy it.