Creators 10 Commandments

This list is about steady rules and principles that will guide us on our creative journey. I wanted to keep it concentrated and fluff-free so I only kept it to 6 Comandments. I didn't want to add a Comandment just so I can have 10.  But "10 Commandments" sounds cooler so there you go!

But just like us, our journey and art it will be evolving. My hope is as I grow and feedback grows we can add and subtract Comandments.   

As of now, on this windy November 16, 2015, here are my 10...6 Comandments to live by. 


1. Thou shall start with out having an idea, inpsiration or motivation. 

All of those things will arrive once you start. 

Once you make the first move. The Muse will reward you. 


2. Thou shall work with what you have. 

Be creative. Find solutions. Don't make excuse.


3. Thou shall embrace the Gremlins. 

Things don't go right. Your job is to still be creative despite that. 


8. Thou shall complete the project.  Things need to be completed. By only looking at things a whole will you know if it works. 

Imperfect and completed is better than perfect and uncomplete. 


9. Thou shall put in the time. This should be Thou shall put in the minutes, hours and days because it all adds up for success. 


10. Thou shall trust themselves.  Get out of your own way. Push the ego aside and the creativity will flow.