This is about short format editing.   Films, tv, shorts will not be discussed.  Neither will tech stuff.  No transcoding, frame rate conversion, working with multiple formats bull stuff.  We don’t care about pull downs….This is about the art of telling a story in 2mins or less.

Trailers, teasers, promos and presentations...this is about that craft.  Clip spot editing, Preditors, creating something out of nothing that’s us.

We’ll talk about music choices, have music cues for when you’re in a jam, we’ll point out different styles and techniques and how to get away from formulaic rise-music-stop-punchline malarkey.

We’ll assume you know the basics and have the proper footage digitized and that you’ll know how to lay things on the timeline and can maneuver around the project….then after that we’ll get into mastery and appreciate works of art….and the craftsmen (and women) behind them.

Occasionally we’ll dig into the Science of Creatvity and how to be more creative.  But we’re always giving tools and tips to succeed.

This is about giving you the Cqwnts of Steps to creating the best Cuts of your life!